Museum Updates

Like every home, the Kelly-Griggs House requires constant upkeep, paid for entirely through voluntary donations of money, local grants, and labor. Along with regular interior upkeep like dusting, carpet cleaning, replacing burned-out light bulbs and keeping fixtures clean and sanitary, items in the museum’s collection require special care. Tossing a 100-year old silk gown in the washer or mending an antique bedspread on your sewing machine would result in serious damage and loss of value.

Red Bluff’s hot summers have damaged some stored costumes and furniture. Replacement of the 40-year old air conditioner and attic insulation decreased our PG&E bills, but cost the treasury. An alarm system, insurance and general maintenance tap it as well.
Outside chores like lawn mowing, sprinkler system and weather damage repairs are like those of any home: never-ending. Not frequent, but long overdue, foundation replacement, house painting, and a new roof are on the “to do” list. The1880’s foundation deteriorated so much, total replacement was required.

The first 5 of 14 phases were completed by summer 2009, thanks to the generosity of supporters, and especially a $50,000 grant from the Shasta Regional Community Foundation’s McConnell Funds.

Our focus now is on raising funds for Phase 6, the south portion of the foundation, then the damaged wall and windows it supports. These projects are challenging, but backing from visitors and the communities of northern California will enable the Museum to achieve its mission.